With Fyndoo Direct you can offer clients a direct channel for requesting execution-only products. This way customers can apply for financing, without advice and completely with your own customer journey. Fyndoo Direct can be integrated with your website, internet banking or can be used stand alone.

Fyndoo Direct enables you to give prospects an insight in your financing solutions, so the client can make a choice based on his financing goals. By automatically pre-filling all available data, the user experience is streamlined as much as possible.

The customer journey can be customized to a great extent, and the customer is taken step by step through the completion of all data and documents needed for the assessment of the application. Depending on your policies, the knowledge and experience of your customer can be tested to determine if they are sufficient to complete the credit application without help. If this is not the case, the customer will be redirected to an advise channel.

When the application is submitted it will be sent to Fyndoo Originate, while the applicant can monitor the status in Fyndoo Direct. This is also where the agreement and deeds will be offered to the customer for signing. If additional data, such as annual figures are needed, the accountant can send those through XBRL to Fyndoo Originate.


Direct channel

With Fyndoo Direct