Fyndoo financing café

At Fyndoo we aspire to continually improve our software, which we do by working together with the end users of our software; entrepreneurs, debt advisors and financers. We organanise interactive learning sessions to discover how we can really meet the needs of these parties. To understand how entrepreneurs apply for their financing we will be organising multiple sessions of our financing café this year.

Published at: Augustus 01, 2019

Together with an entrepreneur, debt advisor and several Fyndoo colleagues we will be following real-world cases and enter those in our Fyndoo software. This way we can see what the obstacles are for an entrepreneur or debt advisor. We process these insights directly in the next release of our software so we can learn instantly if we’ve achieved the desired result.

Are you an entrepreneur or debt-advisor and would jou like to join? We’d like to hear from you! Send an email to hello@fyndoo.com to subscribe.