Workshop Fyndoo Advise - 10 July - Zwolle

Fyndoo Advise helps you, as a professional in finance, to make a financing application for your customer in an easy way. You can easily upload your annual figures, create scenarios with a few mouse clicks and, finally, complete and send the financing application. At the moment of making the financing application, Fyndoo Advise checks real-time if there are financing solutions suitable for your application and which financiers are interested in the application.

Published at: Juni 05, 2019

During the walk-in session you are most welcome at our office in Zwolle and we will teach you how to:

1. Make a financing application;

2. Make a professional prognosis for your client;

3. Get insight into the performance of your client.

At the end of the free walk-in session you get information on how to start the next day with the new standard of financing applications.

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