Fyndoo Advise

Fyndoo Advise is an online solution for financial intermediaries. Fyndoo supports with the analyzing and formalizing of the financial future of an enterprise and the application and retaining of the financing.

Fyndoo provides clarity in the many possible financial solutions that suit growth ambitions, provides insight in the chance to succeed, simplifies the application and therefore enhances the access to external capital.

Soon, Finan users will move to the Fyndoo platform. To learn more about Fyndoo Advise, click the button below.

Work as usual, more effective

Functionalities that Finan is known for will be transfered to the new platform. Fyndoo however provides the same functionality in a more user friendly way. Fyndoo also helps us to develop our software faster. When Finan is integrated in Fyndoo we can release more frequently. This way we can validate our improvements continuously with you, in order to improve our sofware as fast as possible.

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Do you have questions? E-mail us at hello@fyndoo.com