Takes the sweat out of financial spreading

Fyndoo Spreading

Perform fully automatic spreading - only assist in rare cases. Focus on analyses and get all the tools at your fingertips. Integrate easily with other systems like origination and monitoring.

Effortless Spreading

Financial spreading is an important contributor to costs and process time for origination and monitoring processes.

Manual processes result in low data quality and contributes to inflated loan risks.


Imagine that you can focus on analyses instead of tedious data entry. Imagine that the reports for monitoring are processed straight-through. Imagine to control loan risk by detecting anomalies and performing peer benchmarking.


Meet Fyndoo Financial Spreading. It was built from the ground up to make spreading truly effortless.



Customers choose Fyndoo Spreading for these reasons.

Fully digital

Digital is the only way that the entire value chain of lending can be effortless. Avoid the OCR route!

Smart Analytics

The powerful analytics engine gives you all the insights at your fingertips.

Easy to integrate

A comprehensive REST-API makes integration a breeze.

Experience Financial Spreading for yourself

Experience Financial Spreading from the perspective of a relationship manager or product owner.

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The choice is yours. Our platform is made up of modules that can be employed individually or in combination. Ensuring we can provide the optimal support for your specific needs and challenges.


Originate supports you in assessing and underwriting financing applications.

Pay & Collect

Pay & Collect takes care of the full financial settlement of any agreements laid down in the credit agreement.


Administrate ensures the structured documenting of the loan agreement, documents and collateral.


Manage deals with the management of any lending - for example the revision, changes to or monitoring of a loan.


Report provides insights into how efficient processes are, underpinned by the monitoring of the processing time for applications, and makes reporting to regulators easy.

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