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Banking in the metaverse

Have you ever wondered what banking looks like in a digital, virtual world? How to do business with avatars, how to assess the value of digital assets? How will your customer experience systems support the new interactions? These questions - and more - beg for an answer!


The metaverse is a major development you need to be aware of as a banker. A development that is taking place at lightning speed and that offers enormous opportunities. Time to explore the metaverse.


Finovate 2022

On March 22 - 23, the next Finovate Europe in London is happening. We’ll be exploring banking in the metaverse. Join our on stage demo on March 22 or visit our booth during this event.


Don’t have a pass yet? With the promo code FKV2432TFEU you will get a 20% discount.


Can't wait to discover the metaverse for yourself? Then sign up for a demo at our booth. Put on one of the Oculus headsets and be amazed!


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Demo agenda

Every hour we have a demo in which we explore the metaverse for a specific use case. In addition, we offer specialist hours. During these hours a product specialist of the indicated domain is available for consultation.



Specialist hour


Advise in the metaverse



Originate in the metaverse



Advise in the metaverse

Financial spreading


Originate in the metaverse

Open Lending API


Advise in the metaverse

Monitoring & Early warning


Originate in the metaverse


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