Product Update

#1 In-life Loan Management

Check out our new processes - Change Loan Structure, Interest Rate Revision and Collateral Object Revision.

In-Life Loan Management Processes

Fyndoo continues to expand the platform with in-life loan management processes, increasing support of the entire loan lifecycle. Have a look at the following features: Change Loan Structure, Interest Rate Revision and Collateral Object Revision - that are already available for you. Let's make lending effortless together!

Change Loan Structure

This feature will help financial institutions to easily change the repayment type or extend the duration of a loan. Do you need to change a Linear Mortgage to an Annuity Mortgage? Do you need to extend the duration of your client's loan? With this feature it is possible to do both quickly and efficiently. 

Interest Rate Revision

Is your customer's fixed-interest period expiring? Or does your customer want a different interest rate? From now on you can process this via Fyndoo as a part of the in-life loan management.

Collateral Object Revision

Are there any changes to the collateral that you would like to process? Such as a change in the value of the collateral, or adding a new valuation report? Then we have good news for you!
 You can now process these changes in Fyndoo via the collateral revision process.



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