#2 In-Life Loan Management

Check out our new processes for Manage module.

In-Life Loan Management Processes

Fyndoo continues to expand the platform with in-life loan management processes, supporting the entire loan lifecycle. Have a look at the following features that will be available very soon: 


  1. Change name and address details
  2. Change bank account number
  3. Increase loan amount
  4. Agreement revision
  5. Release collateral objects


Let's make lending effortless together!

Save time and increase efficiency

Was your client’s personal situation changed and you, as a banker, need to make alterations to the “file”? From now on you can easily change name and address details of all your clients!


Do you need to change your client's bank account number to allow repayments to be made from a different account? It can be done in our platform now too!


Also, with Fyndoo you are able to increase an existing loan agreement by adding a loan part. In a similar way to the origination process and exactly according to your own policy!

Let's make lending effortless

With the loan agreement revision process, Fyndoo now also offers the possibility to check whether existing loan agreements still comply with your current policy. If agreements no longer comply with your policy, you can start follow-up processes to ensure that they comply again.



The release collateral objects process offers you the possibility to release collateral from your customer. Does your customer have to make an additional repayment to get back within the correct LTV bandwidth? No problem, that is supported within this process.