Fyndoo Planet

There are many entrepreneurs who want to be sustainable. Or set the next step in sustainability. But where do you start when you want to be socially responsible? And how do you support your client as an advisor or accountant? And from the lender's point of view: how do you include sustainable entrepreneurship in assessing a financing application and how do you transfer this to portfolio level?

Sustainable entrepreneurship

Sustainable entrepreneurship is a very broad concept; there is not much guidance when you want to measure and improve this. There are standards available such as the ISO 26000 guideline, which describes Corporate Social Responsibility, but these standards are very broad. In addition, there are many specific standards, but these are only suitable for, for instance, a specific branch or problem area. For example, in the area of CO2 emissions.

Why Fyndoo Planet?

Fyndoo wants to help in the area of sustainability. Fyndoo Planet is a solution created to map the CSR policy. Fyndoo Planet does not only address the traditional stakeholders, but also the influence of the chain on its local society.

Fyndoo Planet provides an indication of the maturity of the CSR thinking and doing of the company. And development points in the area of sustainability! This immediately offers opportunities for an accountant or advisor to offer a supporting role. And a lender immediately knows how sustainable her portfolio is.

Fyndoo Planet can be used in combination with Fyndoo Advise and Fyndoo Lending.