Our platform enables hassle-free financing! To give you an idea just how we manage this, here are a few real cases:

Financiers choose Fyndoo

Day-in, day-out traditional banks, community banks, real estate banks, asset managers, funds, family offices, leasing companies, direct lenders and alternative financiers all experience the benefits of Fyndoo.

Casarion introduces rental mortgage into the market

Casarion launched the rental mortgage for financing commercial real estate for the professional investor. This also triggered their search for the right financing platform.


Fundion brings the supply and demand for business financing together on one loan platform

Fundion wants to create a bank without a balance sheet, where SMEs can go for financing. Follow their quest for a more efficient way to bring loans onto the market, while at the same time simplifying the process of granting, assessing and managing those loans.


De Volksbank digitises entire application process

Digitising the entire application process makes it easier for SMEs to find, and then actually obtain, appropriate financing.


SBR Nexus gives businesspeople control over their own data

When a businessperson makes a financing application, a lot of information is requested from them. But in practice, supplying this information primarily involves a toing and froing between the receiving party and a service provider. This problem prompted the ambition to set up a portal that would let businesspeople regain control over their data, and make applying for financing more efficient and easier.

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