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"Revolutionizing SME Lending" Whitepaper

Fyndoo, a pioneering player in the SME lending landscape, exemplifies the potential of a comprehensive technology ecosystem within a turn-key solution. By harnessing the collaborative potential of partner ecosystems, Fyndoo bridges the gap between traditional lending practices and innovative fintech solutions.


Learn how to accelerate Digital Lending and Unlock Growth Opportunities! Request the "Revolutionizing SME Lending" Whitepaper now!

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Embedded Lending Playbook

More and more companies are launching integrated lending services for businesses and consumers.  Embedded lending - or what we like to call it - invisible lending is how banks and other financial institutions enable these companies.


What are the insights in the invisible lending space? What are the challenges and opportunities? What are the strategic pointers that can be used when building your own strategy?


Get the answers to all these questions in the Invisible Lending Playbook!

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Digital Origination Checklist

Your financial institution stands to reap substantial rewards by capitalizing on improved conversions and reducing the costs of originating new loans. In many cases, the technology you currently use (or the manual processes) to support your lending business is not up to it. Time to move on and acquaint yourself with new technology that moves your lending business forward!


This checklist is here to help you. It provides essential criteria when selecting new technology - especially in the retail lending domain.

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Beat the Benchmark

Lending is a driving force of change. It drives the economy forward, it enables the sustainable transition, it empowers people. Lending is, however, difficult to get right.


This report - Beat the benchmark - contains the origination process performance on 4 indicators across 8 peer groups. We analysed over 420.000 origination processes to provide this data. We invite you to take an honest look at your own processes and improve them. For inspiration, we provide 10 best practice. 

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Impact Lending Playbook

Learn more about sustainable financing and impact lending. What are the challenges and opportunities of impact lending? And how to translate this into your strategy?


Get inspiration for your own strategy with six different routes. And discover how Fyndoo is already supporting impact lending.

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Implementation Guide

Implementing a new lending platform can be quite complex. The Fyndoo approach takes the Unified Process (UP) phases as a guide: introduction, intake, inception, construction, transition and organisation. Together with your professionals, the aim is to build a flagship lending solutions and to help you become self-sufficient in the further roll-out.

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Metaverse Checklist for Banks

The metaverse reshapes the internet. Big tech is placing big bets on this future. Some analysts predict the metaverse to be an $8 trillion opportunity. 

The metaverse leverages virtual reality, augmented reality, blockchain technology, and social media concepts to formulate a space for consistent user interaction that replicates the real world. Or, how we like to call it: ‘Mark Zuckerberg’s Matrix’

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