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Land of Opportunity dives into the possibilities in the financial industry. Curious what topics are currently trending in the industry? Download the brochures! 

Resilience: Never waste a good crisis

We’re dealing with everything from climate change and COVID to crazy inflation and supply chain mess-ups.
These crises test how resilient your clients are - impacting the quality of your loan portfolio now and in the future!

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Open banking for lenders

Enabling effortless lending with open banking offers great opportunities for lenders. This will result in onboarding clients faster and creates a fuller picture of the client. Creating a smooth digital flow from application to underwriting.

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Buy Now Pay Later

Buy Now Pay Later. Many banks perceive barriers to enter this market. But this market offers enormous opportunities! In 2021 alone, 119 billion euros were involved. Unfortunately, banks still face many barriers such as a bad image, bad businesses and bad technology. With Fyndoo banks can initiate a loan from a payment flow.

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Smart Contract Based Factoring

Invoice financing or factoring is a financial transaction whereby a business (seller) sells its invoices to a factoring company (factor) for immediate cash. Smart Contract Based Factoring is built on blockchain technology. Our developers created a technology concept of a cost-effective solution that provides transparency, tracebility and automation. Interested of this is something for you? Download the Smart Contract Based Factoring brochure for more information.

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