Ready to metaverse

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The metaverse reshapes the internet. Big tech is placing big bets on this future. Some analysts predict the metaverse to be an $8 trillion opportunity. 

The metaverse leverages virtual reality, augmented reality, blockchain technology, and social media concepts to formulate a space for consistent user interaction that replicates the real world. Or, how we like to call it: ‘Mark Zuckerberg’s Matrix’


Some early signs


We see some early signs of a society and economy in the metaverse. Land sales picks up steam quickly. The Foo Fighters had a great show and after party. Burberry offers really nice virtual accessories. For banks, this represents a multitude of opportunities. Whether it is investments and savings, payments, loans and mortgages - there are plenty of possibilities. In an earlier article, we gave our take on using NFTs as collateral for real-world loans.


However, we advise not to jump in just yet. It is better to build capabilities by exploration.


But where to start? How to approach it? Our approach is to dive right in: there’s no better way to explore than to experience!


This checklist is the not-so-complete checklist for banks eager to explore the metaverse. This list has 3 segments: the lay of the land, technology, and discussion topics. Use this list as an inspiration and a starting point for your own journey - not as a limited itinerary. Have fun on your trip through the metaverse!