Fyndoo's Q4 2023 Update

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Check our Fyndoo's Q4 Update in 2023

Explore the latest advancements in loan management with Fyndoo's Head of Product, Joris Nijboer. Discover how Fyndoo ensures comprehensive coverage of loan management processes, supporting both customer and bank-initiated scenarios. Learn about Fyndoo's unique capabilities, making loan management efficient and user-friendly.


Delve into the comparison of Fyndoo's loan management with other core banking solutions and understand the flexibility it offers. Uncover Fyndoo's approach to SME financing and its evolving delivery model for diverse financial service providers.

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Get a sneak peek into Fyndoo's upcoming Loan Management Dashboard and the roadmap for 2024. Explore Fyndoo's commitment to sustainability with impact-based pricing and ESG data integration. Learn about Fyndoo's foray into AI technology, aiming to revolutionize SME lending while addressing privacy and security concerns.

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