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23 Feb 2023 • News A focused ESG policy. Sure. How can you make that work?

ESG is the number 1, 2 and 3 priority for financial institutions. To achieve impact, you should balancing the ESG elements. The ESG mix panel can help with this.

18 Feb 2023 • News Fyndoo developed calculation engine for Energy Emergency Fund

For the Temporary Energy Emergency Fund, Fyndoo developed the verification model that determines whether a household is entitled to an energy allowance.

19 Jan 2023 • News Fyndoo creating its own podcast 'The Lending Bean'

Podcast 'The Lending Bean' was created to talk about the opportunities in the lending domain as it is full of gaps. In the first episode created, sustainable lending is discussed by Rens van Tilburg and Sander Kooiman.

14 Oct 2022 • News Open Banking for Lenders

Open Banking offers great opportunities for lenders. With Fyndoo, clients can onboard faster and with a fuller picture. This creates a smooth digital flow from application to underwriting.

20 Jun 2022 • Downloads
Beat the benchmark

07 Jun 2022 • News Buy Now Pay Later

Buy Now Pay Later is an opportunity in the lending domain. With BNPL, banks are in a advantageous position. With Fyndoo, banks can implemented card-linked BNPL effortlessly.

08 Apr 2022 • News Finovate 2022
Meta Finovate

On March 22 - 23, Fyndoo was physical present at Finovate Europa 2022 in London. We have been exploring the future of banking in the metaverse with an on stage demo.

03 Mar 2022 • News Our take on using NFTs as collateral
Meta Finovate

My colleague - Jamie - asked me the question: “Can you lend me 10K? I’m good for it because I’ve got a bored ape which is at least 50K worth”. If the last part bewilders you, you’re not alone.

23 Feb 2022 • News Our take on how banks interact with clients in the metaverse.
Meta Finovate

As the metaverse begins to unfold, we explore the potential of this virtual reality for interacting with clients. The opportunity for a bank to open a branch in the metaverse is, or will be, a compelling proposition. This article explores some of the experiences we had while exploring the metaverse.

15 Feb 2022 • News Smart Contract Based Factoring

2Tn invoices has been financed in Europe in 2021. It is a great opportunity to make invoice financing (factoring) effortless, even small invoices.

01 Sep 2021 • News Quick way to responsible financing

The corona crisis has caused banks to push the brake pedal on lending even harder, notes Jamie Burink, Head of Business Lending at Fyndoo. Of all SMEs, 22 percent needed business financing between July 2019 and the following year, according to the Financing Monitor 2020 of the dutch Central Bureau of Statistics. One in five applicants did not receive their credit (in full). Banks are tightening their requirements and entrepreneurs are increasingly relying on other lines of credit.

20 Apr 2021 • News Embrace digitisation of finance

Every year, the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics asks companies about their financing needs and activities. This financing monitor showed that last year 22 percent of companies needed external financing. That was about the same as the year before. A substantial number of them, some 23,800, managed to attract financing, but there were also an estimated 6,300 companies that failed to do so.

18 Jan 2021 • News De Volksbank also connects directly to Fyndoo Advise!

Starting end of November 2020 de Volksbank offers her business loans (Zakelijk Krediet) product via Fyndoo Advise. As an independent intermediary you can now apply for SNS Business Loans (Zakelijk Krediet) with help of Fyndoo Advise. Next to that advisors now also can apply an SNS Commercial Mortgage (Bedrijfshypotheek) via Fyndoo Advise. Entirely digital.

21 Jun 2020 • News De Volksbank more decisive when financing entrepreneurs

Facilitating growth for entrepreneurs has always been focus during the development of Fyndoo. This has made the partnership with de Volksbank a very logic one.

02 Jun 2019 • News Less time to manage non-performing loans, thanks to blockchain

Fyndoo will soon be pitching a solution at the NBA that will help the accountant prevent an entrepreneur from going to the bank’s non-performing loans department. Our idea? A blockchain application that enables monitoring of financing covenants.

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SME Impact Lending Playbook

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Implementation guide

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Metaverse checklist for banks

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12 Oct 2022 • Downloads
De Volksbank

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