Fyndoo Market Place

Fyndoo Marketplace connects the product portfolio of connected lenders with the financing goals of companies. Fyndoo Marketplace is integrated with Fyndoo Advise so accountants and advisors can compose financing applications, and with Fyndoo Lending so lenders can receive the applications.

Fyndoo Market Place

For accountants and advisors

Intermediaries can use the power of Fyndoo thanks to the seamless integration of Fyndoo Advise and Fyndoo Market Place. We help you to find the best financing solution for your customer by matching their financing goals to the product portfolio of all connected lenders. You can send in an application directly and track its status online.

Fyndoo Marketplace

For lenders

Get the best from Fyndoo Lending. Receive complete financing applications with high quality from accountants and advisors working with Fyndoo Advise. Because Fyndoo tests all applications against your knock-out criteria you will only receive applications that meet your pre acceptance criteria.

You can process the complete, clean order requests directly in Fyndoo Lending, receive them in a private mail box or through a connection with your own systems.