Discover the different modules that Fyndoo can offer to you as an all in one application or seperate modules. Discover effortless lending.


How cool would it be if you could connect to your customers' financial reports, sector information, ESG reports, etc? If you could connect to data that is secure, signed and validated? If you could integrate the data effortlessly with your systems? Unlock all kinds of digital source data and make this data available to your systems!

Financial Spreading

Fyndoo Financial Spreading takes the sweat out of spreading financial reports. Perform fully automatic spreading - only assist in rare cases. Focus on analyses and get all the tools at your fingertips. Integrate easily with other systems like origination and monitoring.

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Originate supports you in assessing and underwriting financing applications. Get your new clients on board and save a ton of money. Clients experience a short TTY and TTC. Your experience? Drastically reduced costs and more customers.

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Pay & Collect

Having signed an agreement with a client, you then have to actually pay out the financing, and then collect the interest and repayments. With Pay & Collect this is effortless, as everything is completely automated. Incoming payments are automatically matched with outstanding payment obligations and immediately included in your administration via an accounting link.

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Record contracts, securities, contractors and documents in a structured way. Fyndoo Administrate provides a structured way of documenting agreements and conditions. Letting you keep close control of the risks and securities in your portfolio. Administrate provides a solid basis for reports, revision and change processes, along with continuous monitoring.

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Data Analytics

Fyndoo Data Analytics gives you visual insight into all your processes. Create reports for regulators and extract data for your data warehouse.

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Everything needed to organise management processes as efficiently as possible — from revisions, monitoring and restructuring to all kinds of change requests — is available out-of-the-box. And all these processes can be adapted to your specific needs.

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