Product update

#1 New UX for Fyndoo

We are improving the user experience of Fyndoo. Stay tuned for updates. 

Better design

During our super sprint we came out with a lot of cool stuff, a part of which was a newly designed user experience (UX) of Fyndoo. We offer the opportunity for our clients to try it out and experiment with it. Our goal is to offer a more convenient and less error prone user  experience.

Solving usability issues

Have you been frustrated with lots and lots of different options and functionalities that required numerous clicks? When most of the time there was no need for all these options provided? The usability was not always focused on what you wanted to achieve? Well, we got you covered!

We've worked on a new design of the loan structuring for the banker, offering:

  • Time reduction of at least 80%
  • Intuitive layout and less inputs
  • Reduced amount of clicks 
  • Less error-prone
  • No need to think about the tool structure, think about structuring the loan

Introducing a new user experience - Business Mortgage

As a small peek into our design, you can compare the picture above (old design) to the step-by-step process presented in the following two pictures. Notice the changes?

New design

In the new design, the agreements are visible as usual, however a lot of clicks were removed by simplifying the screen. This makes the creation of a new agreement faster and easier.

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New design

Adding a loan part within a loan is more intuitive.

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New user experience - loan parts

Check the changes we made for working with loan parts by comparing the old and new designs below.

Old design

Each change on a loan part required an explicit save action by the user. The new design eliminates these user actions.

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New design

You can see all the required inputs and save all the inputs with one button. Very simple and quick!

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