Buy Now Pay Later

Land of Opportunity

Buy Now Pay Later. Many banks perceive barriers to enter this market. But this market offers enormous opportunities! In 2021 alone, 119 billion euros were involved. Unfortunately, banks still face many barriers such as a bad image, bad businesses and bad technology.

Actually with online payments, banks are in a very advantageous position. With Fyndoo, banks can initiate loan origination from within a payment flow! This opens up new segments such as SMEs and this is a competitive value proposition to have as a bank. The benefits of this are:

  • The customer trusts their bank over a new FinTech;
  • Reduced costs and it is easy to use;
  • Flexible in a variety of marketing segments.

With Fyndoo, you can implement card-linked BNPL effortlessly:

  • Originate unsecured loans integrated in existing online payment flows
  • Offer that BNPL-facility selectively based on business rules.
  • Determine the price on the basis of risk, vertical, merchant subsidy, etc.
  • Execute the collection term directly on the linked card.

Download the Buy Now Pay Later brochure 👇 for more in dept information.

Buy Now Pay Later

BNPL offers enormous opportunity. Read what it can offer for you!