Watch Fyndoo Lending at FinovateAsia 2018


During FinovateAsia In Hong Kong we presented Fyndoo Lending. FinovateAsia 2018 is part of Hong Kong’s Fintech Week, a government-led initiative to foster fintech development in Hong Kong and beyond. The video of the presentation is now available online, and can be watched using the link below.

Published at: December 04, 2018

Click this link to watch our presentation on the Finovate-website

So, what did we demo at Finovate?

Fyndoo powered by Topicus: The lending platform that makes lending more accessible, efficient and transparent, by connecting all parties throughout all loan product life cycles.

SME’s, homeowners and other consumers are guided throughout the lending application process; from quick online orientation via origination, fulfillment, acceptance and execution; all powered from a single, open loan product and process management workbench. Where possible, the customer performs actions, seeks help with external advisors or bank staff. All involved see the same data and apply the same rules, resulting in optimal loan processing in shorter time with less staff and full compliance.