Phat's Journey at Fyndoo

Bringing Cultures Together and Embracing Finance

In the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, where tradition harmonizes with innovation, a story of cross-cultural exploration and professional growth unfolds. Meet Ho Tan Phat, known as Phat, a dynamic Business Analyst who embarked on a transformative journey at Fyndoo.

Who is Phat and how does he create an impact?

Phat is a Ho Chi Minh City native who brings a blend of Vietnamese heritage and modern expertise. With a background in Business Analysis, Phat joined Fyndoo and became an integral part of the team.

Are there differences with the Vietnamese finance structure?

Phat's journey at Fyndoo gave him a unique vantage point to explore both Dutch and Vietnamese finance systems.

"I did have a chance to understand the loan cycle where borrowers and bankers are involved". In comparing the two systems, he identifies a common thread—both countries facilitate borrowing for various purposes, from property acquisition to purchasing goods.

Culture and Communication

How did Phat experience the Dutch Colleagues and their culture?

Phat's interactions with his Dutch colleagues proved to be an exciting chapter in his journey. He initially mentioned: "They are tall and talk loudly at work." This lively communication style stands in contrast to the quieter, more focused approach he has observed among his Vietnamese peers.

How did communication go between two cultures?

Communicating across cultures can be a challenge, but it's one that Phat embraced enthusiastically. "If they use English, then it’s super easy," he remarks about his interactions with Dutch colleagues. Beyond language, he also acknowledges the Dutch colleagues' willingness to share ideas and take calculated risks—a trait he found inspiring.

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As Phat continues his journey with Fyndoo, his story serves as a reminder of the transformative power of bringing different cultures together.

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