Collaborating with our end-users to improve Fyndoo


Our aim is to make Fyndoo the best product that suits the needs of our end users. That's why we organize a financing cafe: together with an accountant, entrepreneur and a MKB credit coach a few collegues work together on a real-life case in Fyndoo.

Published at: June 18, 2018

During the financing cafe we get first hand experiences on using our product, and it helps us learn on where we can improve Fyndoo.

This experience proves to be very insightful. It provides us with a lot of ideas and feedback on how to further develop Fyndoo Advise. During these evenings we bring the different worlds of IT and accountancy together, and we learn from the knowledge of eachother.

The things we learn during the financing cafe serves as input for our backlog: the list of product improvements that we're continuously working on.

Are you an entrepreneur or accountant, and do you like to participate in the next financing cafe? Send an e-mail to and we'll quickly get back to you.