Finovate 2022

Meet me at the metaverse

Banking in the metaverse

Have you ever wondered what banking looks like in a digital, virtual world? How to do business with avatars, how to assess the value of digital assets? How will your customer experience systems support the new interactions? These questions - and more - beg for an answer!

The metaverse is a major development you need to be aware of as a banker. A development that is taking place at lightning speed and that offers enormous opportunities. Therefore, we gave an demo during Finovate Europa 2022 in London. Time to explore this!

Fyndoo Finovate 2022 Recap

Fyndoo Finovate Europe 2022

It was great meeting you

It was great for Fyndoo to physically speak again at a big event after a long corona period. Finovate Europe 2022 was a great journey to discover the metaverse together with all the people we met. At Finovate Europe we gave a live demo on the big stage about our Fyndoo platform which is an effortless lending opportunity. We met with many prospective clients, industry peers and members of the press. We experienced many inspiring demos.

We're looking forward to the next edition of Finovate - hoping to see even more financial innovations that contribute to a sustainable future and make finance available to more people worldwide.

Metaverse checklist

Ready to metaverse checklist

Meet me at the metaverse

The metaverse reshapes the internet. Big tech is placing big bets on this future. 


For banks, this represents a multitude of opportunities. But where to start? Download the checklist and find out.