Fyndoo Advise has been officially launched


Finan is a well-known name among accountants and financial advisors. Once started as a DOS application, then as a Windows application and in recent years as Finan Online; the web-based version. Today we launch Fyndoo Advise: the successor of Finan Online. A new look, but especially a brand new solution to make business financing much easier and more accessible. Not only for a credit applications, but throughout the entire life cycle of a financing.

Published at: Oktober 05, 2018

What does this new release bring?

For new users, Finan was pretty hard to use. In Fyndoo we introduce workflows, helping you step-by-step to execute the actions you want. This results in a much more user friendly experience.

Fyndoo helps you apply for business loans. We reduced the number of required questions significantly, and updated the workflow of the credit application-software. This is only the beginning: the new Fyndoo-platform helps us to redesign the credit application process, which will be launched soon. This supports our mission: making financing accessible and transparent.

Fyndoo Advise uses the latest webtechnologies. This means we can develop our software faster. In the upcoming months you can expect more new functionality and an easier to use application. Soon we'll launch a rating-module, which helps you to create ratings of business easily.

Do you want to learn more about Fyndoo? Our e-mail address hello@fyndoo.com.