Fyndoo creating its own podcast 'The Lending Bean'

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Podcast The Lending Bean

Recording of 'The Lending Bean'

Yesterday, Fyndoo recorded the first episode of 'The Lending Bean'. The best setting is created with the perfect coffee and tea on the beach in Wijk aan Zee. As a result, the atmosphere was great and the podcast was up and running in no time. But why was this podcast created? The Lending Bean, powered by Fyndoo, will discuss the possibilities of lending for both businesses and individuals. This is because the lending landscape is full of gaps, while lending is important for people and businesses in order to achieve their dreams. The first episode is about sustainable lending which is currently a trending topic. 

About the first episode 'Sustainable Lending'

In our first episode, Rens Van Tilburg, director of the Sustainable Finance Lab at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, and Sander Kooiman responsible for impact management at Triodos Bank will talk about sustainable lending and its opportunities. The show will be hosted by Mike Cooper! In the podcast, the motivation to choose for sustainable lending, the transition plans and the use of data have been discussed.