InvoiceFinance is available on Fyndoo

Improving access to funding for small and medium sized enterprises, by using modern technologies. That is the goal of InvoiceFinance, a Den Bosch-located company with over 40 employees. Starting today it is possible to apply for the products of InvoiceFinance using Fyndoo.

Published at: June 14, 2018

InvoiceFinance describes their proposition: “A lot of companies struggle finding the right financing solutions. Going to traditional banks is often slow and there are little alternatives. InvoiceFinance aims to alter this with its mission to help companies grow by o access to fast, flexible and affordable credit.”.


The available products for InvoiceFinance on the Fyndoo platform a flexible credit and factoring. For details on the products visit


To be eligible a yearly revenue of 50.000 euro is required, and the company should be small or medium sized. With the addition of the InvoiceFinance products to the Fyndoo marketplace, it is now possible to request almost 30 different financial products on the platform.

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