Get insight in the success chance of a credit application


When you apply for a loan lenders base their decision to lend on the financial figures of a company. They look if there's a positive result, and if there aren't too many debts, for example.

Published at: February 08, 2019

Usually, lenders translate a company's financials to a rating. The rating is used in their decision making process. And if they decide to provide the loan, the rating is used for loan pricing. 

Starting this month, Fyndoo Advise provides its users with a pre-scan. Based on just a few financial figures of a company, the software calculates the Fyndoo-score. This Fyndoo-score gives a high over indication of the success change of a credit application. It helps you as a financial professional to get an indication on how a lender will assess the financial situation of a company when you would apply for a loan for this company.

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