Joris about our Vietnamese office

Curious how the trip of Joris to our Vietnamese office went?

The Journey

At Fyndoo, we believe in fostering global connections and collaboration to enhance our product development and innovation. Recently, Joris Nijboer, Head of Product of Fyndoo, had the opportunity to visit our Vietnamese colleagues and experience their work culture firsthand. In this blog post, we will share our insights and observations about the Fyndoo team in Vietnam, highlighting their impressive dedication, communication skills, and cultural differences. Join us on this journey of discovery!

How many people work for Fyndoo in Vietnam?

Approximately 17 Vietnamese colleagues are part of the Fyndoo team in Vietnam. We are proud to have established three teams in Vietnam, each contributing their unique skills and expertise to our product development.

What did you work on when you were at the Vietnamese office?

During our visit each team member had specific goals to accomplish. Personally, my focus was on discussing the Roadmap with Mark Ettema, Fyndoo Solutions Architect, and collaborating with our Vietnamese colleagues. We also delved into refining our product vision and mission. However, above all, our visit aimed at strengthening the team bonds and foster quality time together.

What did you find impressive about Vietnamese colleagues?

Our Vietnamese colleagues left a lasting impression on us with their exceptional dedication to our product. They actively engaged in discussions, providing valuable insights and raising thought-provoking questions. They displayed a profound understanding of the problems we aimed to solve and showcased a wealth of knowledge. Their attentiveness during management meetings was commendable, reflecting their commitment to delivering high-quality work.

How does the team structure look like in the Vietnamese office?

The Fyndoo team in Vietnam operates collaboratively with our Dutch teams. While they work autonomously in Vietnam, they are closely aligned with our Dutch counterparts. Each team in Vietnam has its own Product Owners (POs) and Analysts, mirroring the same organizational structure as our Dutch teams.

How do you manage architecture and design choices in the Vietnamese office?

We are fortunate to have our Lead Architect, Mark Ettema, based in Vietnam. He takes charge of overseeing and managing all architectural aspects, ensuring that our design choices align with our product goals and strategies. Having a dedicated professional in Vietnam allows us to effectively manage architectural decisions in a streamlined manner.

Can you mention something surprising that stood out as a cultural difference?

One notable cultural difference that caught our attention was the footwear culture in Vietnam. Many people, including our Vietnamese colleagues and Dutch colleagues based in Vietnam, prefer to walk around wearing flip-flops, sometimes even with socks. Within the office, it is customary to work barefoot or wear socks. Shoes are not allowed inside. This practice creates relaxed and comfortable working environment. Additionally, we noticed a contrast in speaking volume. Dutch people often are louder while the Vietnamese tend to speak softer.

What stood out when you were out and about?

Venturing outside the office, we encountered the vibrant and bustling Vietnamese streets with their unique charm. The first thing that captured our attention was the traffic and the ubiquitous presence of scooters. Crossing the street became an exhilarating experience, requiring us to keep walking steadily and not stop. Furthermore, we experienced frequent rain showers and sweltering heat, reminding us of the distinct climate of Vietnam.

What’s different in how people in Vietnam do payments, lending, etc.?

In terms of financial transactions, cash remains a prevalent mode of payment in Vietnam. Credit cards are also widely used, but wireless payment options like Apple Pay are not yet available everywhere. Notably, we discovered that prices can vary in expat areas, emphasising the diverse financial landscape within Vietnam.

The conclusion

Our visit to the Fyndoo team in Vietnam was an enriching experience that highlighted the dedication, expertise, and cultural diversity within our organization. We were impressed by the team’s commitment to our product and their valuable contributions during discussions. The cultural differences we encountered, from footwear customs to speaking volume, added a unique dimension to our collaboration. By embracing these cultural exchanges, we foster an environment of learning and growth, ultimately strengthening our global team. We look forward to future collaborations with our Vietnamese colleagues and the continued success of Fyndoo!

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