Apply for factoring and lease financing using the new Fyndoo Advise


Fyndoo Advise aims for a simplified application process for business financing. Starting this week we make it even more easy to apply for lease and factoring products. Gradually we're working on a smarter loan application tool.

Published at: December 21, 2018

Information that you've entered during one application does not have to be entered again when submitting a second financing application. And for all connected lenders we've included characteristics of their offerings into our software. The software will provide direct feedback if a certain lender is interested in a loan application of 25.000 euro's for example.

Do you want to lease a product? Fyndoo Advise supports easy applications at Lease-Deal, abcfinance, Mobility Service and ING Bank. If you're looking to finance debtors using factoring: in just a few simple steps you can apply at Voldaan, Debiteurenbeurs, Svea Finans, Boozt24, DAS, ING and InvoiceFinance.

In the next period we're working on supporting even more products. Regular business loans for example. And to give you more insight in the success chance of a loan application we're working on a module that gives you an indication of the viability of a loan application using just a few financial numbers.