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At Fyndoo, we believe that fresh perspectives help improve our products and services. That is why we like working with interns. Meet two of them! 

Fyndoo Intern Bas

Bas Wezenberg

Education: Software engineering – Saxion Deventer 

Period: February 2023 – July 2023


“During my internship I’ve been working on a new component for Financial Spreading that handles the processing of annual figures of businesses. Currently, this functionality is covered by ‘Financials’ - a large application with many responsibilities. My team refactored this application into smaller components where each component has only one responsibility. This makes it easier to maintain and to upgrade.”

Bas says that in the beginning it was quite a challenging project. With the guidance and support from his team he got into the flow and managed to achieve the result. The work done by Bas will have great value for our clients. 

“Now that I’ve successfully completed my internship, I’ll continue my work at Fyndoo alonside my studies at Saxion. I’m looking forward to expanding my work on Financial Spreading software!”

Bas cannot wait to learn more about the finance domain and to continue working with his colleagues at Fyndoo!

Fyndoo Intern Sanne

Sanne Schotman

Period: September 2022 – January 2023

Education: International Business – Saxion Enschede 

“During my internship at Fyndoo, I worked at the marketing department. Here, I mainly focused on social media content, however I also helped with other marketing related projects. I believe I have made impact during my internship and I surely gained a lot of knowledge about marketing!”

Besides Sanne’s work on general marketing projects, she also did market research for Fyndoo Connect’s expansion to the UK.

“For me it was an amazing experience to learn a lot about the financial market and find out about the differences between the British and the Dutch markets.”

“I’m really happy that I have decided to do my internship at Fyndoo. Although the company was new to me in the beginning, it was an amazing experience that I didn’t want to end. Therefore, I’ve become a work student to help the marketing team in my spare time."

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