NBA and Fyndoo start pilot to support accountants


Dutch industry organization NBA and Fyndoo launch a pilot to support accountants so they can better advise their clients on financing solutions.

Published at: November 20, 2018

The NBA (Koninklijke Nederlandse Beroepsorganisatie van Accountants - The Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants). The NBA is the professional body for accountants in the Netherlands. NBA's members include over 21.000 professionals working at public accountancy practices, government agencies, as internal auditors or in organisational management.

Aim of the pilot with Fyndoo is to empower SME-accountants to fulfill a leading role when it comes to support their customers with financing applications. By using Fyndoo the accountant can proactively advise on questions around financing, and prove his added value.

The pilot starts mid-november and ends februari 2019. After the pilot an evaluation is planned.