The Human Touch in Core Banking

Networking Event by Topicus & Five°Degrees

Digital transformation

On the 27th of June, Sabyasachai Sengupta talked about the human touch in core banking transformation during the Networking Exclusive Event of Topicus and Five°Degrees at the headquarters of Five°Degrees in Amsterdam. During his presentation he explained that as an expect in innovation for banks he has seen numerous challenges and successes when implementing digital transformation projects. One challenge that stands out - is the need to maintain the human element amidst the wave of technological advancements. This need is a must when embracing a joint future together with Five°Degrees!

Another exciting part of the Networking session was Topicus CEO, Daan Dijkhuizen, who talked about the very first meeting with Five°Degrees and why their Core Banking system is important to complete the FinTech stack of Topicus.

FinTech stacks

Our FinTech stacks bring substantial benefits to FSI’s:

  1. Instead of the complexity associated with integrating solutions of multiple vendors, FSIs can now streamline the implementation projects and operation by working with only one provider.
  2. The FinTech stacks empower FSIs to operate at the forefront of the industry by using next generation cloud-native technology to align with their customers' ever-changing needs.
  3. Banks and other financial institutions no longer have to choose between next-gen technology and supporting real-world business requirements.

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