Fyndoo Originate is an end-to-end solution to help lenders assess financing requests. Fyndoo Originate offers a freely configurable workflow with both automated and manual steps. Fyndoo Originate has well-defined roles and authorizations, so the right employee can take the right action on the right moment in the assessment.

This way financing applications can be processed very efficiently. If they are received through Fyndoo Direct, via an independent advisor through Fyndoo Market Place, or composed by a relation manager. Fyndoo Originate offers diverse tooling for analysis, and a high level of automation by using a business rule-driven acceptance framework. If necessary the application is enriched with data from external sources.

After approval, the credit agreement and deeds are sent to the customer to be signed digitally. The signed documents will then be added to the credit file.



Registration and intake of a new customer, so customer acceptance can be performed and findings from customer due diligence can be recorded.


Gain an insight in the financial health of your customer by annual accounts, profit and loss accounts, a liquidity planning and financial ratios.

Financial analysis

Make a forecast based on the planned investments and financing and gain an insight in the balance sheet after financing or make best- and worst-case scenarios to stress test a management case.


Specifically for Asset-based finance, Fyndoo can determine the risk-based interest, amortization and duration of a lease, based on the chosen asset.

Commercial property

Use the commercial property module and analyse the cashflow, income from rent and the property itself to thoroughly assess a loan request for commercial property.

Credit Rating

Determine the credit rating of the applicant(s) by using the standard URA-rating model, a custom rating model or an external rating agency.

Structure collateral

Structure collateral and determine which collateral object is linked to which facility and record the registrations.

Financing solution

Structure the financing solution, link (sub-)facilities to different borrowers and collateral objects.

Determine LGD

Fyndoo determines LGD based on collateral coverage and the expected loss for the separate facilities.

Loan pricing

Determine the price of a financing solution with risk-based pricing, or use your own pricing model with buckets.


Automated approval driven by acceptance rules per product, or use the workflow for a manual approval process with different roles.

Deliver contract

Fyndoo creates the credit agreement and deeds which can be signed digitally.


Make sure that all collateral are perfect before triggering the pay-out.