Fyndoo Originate

Originate supports you in assessing business financing applications. 

Process applications efficiently and flexibly

Achieve operational savings of up to 90% thanks to a flexible workflow, a range of analysis tools, data enrichment from external sources and a high level of automation. And let your clients experience a significantly shorter Time-to-Yes (TTY) and Time-to-Cash (TTC).


Discover the many benefits our lending platform offers you with Fyndoo Originate.


Manage the contractors, legal structure and credit base.


Structure securities, pledges and collateral values.

Financing Solution

Structure the financing solution, link up facilities or sub-facilities to different borrowers and securities.


Financial and qualitative analysis based on, for example, annual figures, concentration risks and sustainability.

Risk and price

Determine risk and price using internal or external PD, LGD and MaxLoss models.

Underwriting and acceptance

Assess and accept applications based on the acceptance policy or substantiation in the credit proposal.

Contracting and digital signing

Automatically prepare contracts and submit them digitally for signature.


Guarantee that securities and notary transactions are fully in order before the pay out of the financing is triggered.


Experience Originate for yourself

Experience Originate from the perspective of a client, relationship manager or product owner.

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Core Lending

Core Lending

Core Lending takes care of the full financial settlement of any agreements laid down in the credit agreement.



Administrate ensures the structured documenting of the loan agreement, documents and collateral.


Manage deals with the management of any business financing - for example the revision, changes to or monitoring of a loan.


Report provides insights into how efficient processes are, underpinned by the monitoring of the processing time for applications, and makes reporting to regulators easy.
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