SaaS Lending Platform

Fyndoo is an end-to-end SaaS Lending platform. This means it can cover all financing processes through the entire chain, accessible from the cloud. 

Go live with your dream proposition

Respond to the wishes and needs of businesspeople: create a financing platform that has your unique brand identity!

Determine which partners and providers will make up your fintech ecosystem, the functionalities you need, and how you want to adapt or develop them. Straightforward, no-code and incredibly fast.


The same goes for your propositions: bring new plans and products to market, or adapt existing ones as and when the need arises.


But whatever your plans, you know you can select the capabilities you need to stay flexible from a versatile financing platform.


Financiers choose Fyndoo

Curious why financiers choose Fyndoo? Discover the benefits of Fyndoo:


Achieve operational savings of 70% - 90% and higher customer satisfaction.


The no-code environment means you can bring new propositions to market in no time and easily adjust your processes.

End-to-end SaaS Lending Platform

Fyndoo covers all financing processes and runs in the cloud.


Because at Fyndoo we're continuously pushing ourselves to innovate, you always have the latest technology at your fingertips.


The choice is yours. Our platform is made up of modules that can be employed individually or in combination. Ensuring we can provide the optimal support for your specific needs and challenges.

Financial Spreading

Fyndoo Financial Spreading takes the sweat out of spreading financial reports. 


Originate supports you in assessing and underwriting financing applications.

Pay & Collect

Pay & Collect takes care of the full financial settlement of any agreements laid down in the credit agreement.


Administrate ensures the structured documenting of the loan agreement, documents and collateral.


Manage deals with the management of any loan - for example the revision, changes to or monitoring of a loan.


Report provides insights into how efficient processes are, underpinned by the monitoring of the processing time for applications, and makes reporting to regulators easy.

Architecture Principles

Fyndoo is an end-to-end SaaS Lending Platform – built on a modern architecture that’s based on a number of important principles:


Open and agnostic

Fyndoo has an Open Lending API. This means all platform features are also available outside Fyndoo. So the platform capabilities can be used for all kinds of applications. Whether that’s a mobile app on iOS or Android, a web app or a Python application.


Built from components

Fyndoo is made up of a large number of small components. This allows us to innovate quickly and so add value for financiers. Giving you the highest levels of scalability and availability.


Interfaces based on domain model

The domain model in Fyndoo is specifically designed for lending. It is continuously being developed and has proven extremely stable. It forms the basis of the interfaces of the various components and Open Lending API. Having a foundation like this that you can trust frees you up to focus on how you can stand out from the competition.


Multi-tenant, -language, -currency, -time zone, -channel, -label

At Fyndoo, we realise that our clients operate worldwide – across many different value chains and in many different ways. And we take this into account in our architecture at the most fundamental level.


End-to-end SaaS Lending Platform

Open Lending API

The Open Lending API consists of a powerful and simple event-based set of REST APIs and webhooks that you can use to shape your open banking strategy.

Complex structures

Complex organisational structures, securities, financing needs, conditions... Fyndoo has a powerful model for dealing with complex structures that allows it to facilitate highly efficient business operations.

Impact Lending

The sustainability transition puts new demands on financial institutions – but also offers new opportunities. And Fyndoo can provide the support you need: from sustainability credit risk scoring to meeting the latest reporting requirements.


Structure collateral, pledge providers and collateral values. Determine the risk of financing and collateral using internal or external PD, LGD and MaxLoss models.

Design your own propositions

Design new propositions and respond to market developments. Employ efficient processes to bring your propositions to market at lightning speed.

Business rule-driven acceptance

Set up your own acceptance framework using decision tables or trees.

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