Fyndoo Connect

Fyndoo Connect is the connecting link between all Fyndoo solutions, your own systems and the rest of the world.


Fyndoo Connect unburdens advisors. They can enter and analyze the financial data of their clients efficiently and without retyping. Fyndoo Connect adds business data which is not yet in the system and provides digital exchange with financiers for making financing requests and provides credit reports for revisions.

During the application and management of financing by a financier, Fyndoo Connect provides digital access to the outside world. Receive annual figures, interim figures, IB data or appraisals via SBR and consult external data sources such as rating agencies so that all attention can be focused on analyzing the application and not on completing the necessary information.

Open and flexible

Fyndoo is open and has a multitude of powerful, flexible and clear API’s in order to make it easy to integrate with existing systems. Whether it concerns fraud registers or CRM. From processing applications via your own website, making payments, managing contracts or collecting exchange rates, users and rights from other systems, Fyndoo Connect makes it possible.

Integration partners