Fyndoo lending

Fyndoo Lending is an innovative online digital lending platform which enables lenders to manage and judge financing applications efficiently. This makes Fyndoo Lending a complete and end-to-end SaaS platform for lenders. Fyndoo Lending is flexible and is therefore able to support different propositions. Due to the cloud model, Fyndoo Lending is easy to implement and can be used for different types of lenders.

Fyndoo Lending

As a result of the smart assessment tools, connectivity and an efficient workflow, you are quickly able to provide clients with clarity concerning their financing application. In combination with Fyndoo Execute, the financial settlement is also immediately secured. During the term you easily process change requests, do automatic revisions and you are immediately compliant with relevant laws and regulations. And all of this in an extremely efficient manner!

Get the best out of Fyndoo by connecting to the Fyndoo Marketplace. Receive complete and high-quality financing requests digitally from accountants and advisors who work with Fyndoo Advise. Or receive requests directly from your own website or app with Fyndoo Direct.

For whom?

Fyndoo Lending is for any party that wants to provide business or private loans to their clients, whether you are a big bank or a small financing party.

Fyndoo Lending is already being used by traditional banks, community banks, real estate banks, asset managers, funds, family offices, lease companies, direct lenders and alternative lenders.

Fyndoo Lending supports different types of financing, such as consumer loans and residential mortgages. Business loans for commercial real estate, revolving credits, term-loans, equipment lease and factoring are supported as well. Moreover, supply-chain financing will soon be added to this list!


Fyndoo runs in the cloud and can be used worldwide on various devices.

Widely applicable
Fyndoo can be used for simple and complex products and offers support for manual and fully automated STP workflows.

Fyndoo is open. Data of external parties and other cloud services are easily linked to our APIs.

Short time to market
With the Fyndoo Proposition engine you easily define new products with linked acceptance rules, permitted types of security, and standard documents and provisions.

Short time to Yes
Acceptance policy is business-driven at Fyndoo. In addition, it is easy to test what the effects of a change in acceptance rules will be with the “What If Analysis” and with the “Champion Challenger” the new acceptance policy will be tested alongside the previous policy. This way it is a piece of cake to bring new propositions into the market and to serve new markets and additionally you offer the client a short time to yes as well as a short time to cash.

Proven effective technology
Fyndoo has a proven trackrecord; both stand alone as well as integrated with other (core-) banking systems through our APIs. Fyndoo is modern, scalable and enables you to transform your existing operation and reduce operational costs by up to 90%.

Partial BPM
In addition to complete workflow control, Fyndoo also offers partial BPM in order to enable another workflow system to guide the orchestration of the process.

Fyndoo can be used end-to-end, but the separate modules can also be integrated with other (existing) systems.

Fyndoo supports multiple languages, time zones and currencies and therefore the use is certainly not limited to national borders.

Stable development
Fyndoo is continuously being expanded with new functionalities, which is made available to all users.

On Premise
In addition to Fyndoo running in the cloud, an on premise solution may also be possible.

Configure your propositions on the fly

Fyndoo sees a product as an interaction between the acceptance policy of the financier and specific properties such as permitted collateral, product acceptance rules, possible withdrawal and redemption forms, standard provisions and documents, in accordance with the 10 C-model.
With the Fyndoo Proposition engine you can easily put together a new proposition based on these characteristics. By indicating only the differences of a new product compared to an already existing proposition it is possible to simply and in a short time to bring a new product to a different target group on the market.


Fyndoo Lending has different modules.


With Fyndoo Direct it is possible to offer a direct request channel via your own website. This allows you to have your clients submit a financing application themselves, entirely in your own corporate identity.

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Assess financing requests in a largely automated workflow with segregation of functions and all assessment tools to offer a digital credit agreement to the customer with a short “time to yes”.

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Current financing management: monitor covenants, revise customer or credit and process changes.

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Register collateral, documents and contracts to enable you to report to shareholders.

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Pay out the financing and collect the repayment and interest with the fully automated Fyndoo Execute.

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Receive complete, suitable and high-quality financing requests from affiliated accountants and consultants with Fyndoo Marketplace.

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Prefer to outsource?

Would you prefer to (partially) outsource your assessment and management processes? Fundion offers complete or partial Business Process Outsourcing for business financing at the Fyndoo platform.