Fyndoo Orientation

As an entrepreneur you are often full of plans and good ideas. You will develop and realize some ideas immediately and others might stay a dream a little bit longer. With a short scan, Fyndoo Orientation enables entrepreneurs to have a quick indication whether their credit application has a chance of being accepted. Not a whole application process, but based on a limited amount of questions and some additional information, the entrepreneur gets an insight in which plans have the biggest chance of succeeding, how you can finance and perhaps where to focus on first.

For whom?

Fyndoo Orientation is for smaller as well as bigger SMEs who want to test their plans for feasibility and finance ability. Requesting a finance application yourself, or with the help of an advisor. Whether you are a freelancer, majority shareholder or financial director of a company: Fyndoo Orientation is here for you!

Financing options

Find the financing that suits you

You are looking for a suitable solution for your financing needs. Often the implementation does not consist of one option, but of a combination of different types of financing. This is called stacked financing. We find the solution that suits your ambition and is affordable.