Most successes start with a dream, a wish, or an ambition. Most of those dreams fade, but there are also entrepreneurs and consumers who are fully committed to realizing their dreams. Access to finance is essential, but at the same time an obstacle for many. Fyndoo helps overcoming these obstacles. Fyndoo is the connected platform for financing. Fyndoo makes growth possible.

About Fyndoo

About us

For over 20 years, Fyndoo is the connected lending platform. It is all about thinking, daring and acting in a different way. All of this to improve both traditional as well as alternative lending. We enable accessible and transparent financing for consumers and entrepreneurs and provide efficient solutions for lenders and to actually make it happen! It is all about smart solutions: fully online, digital and in the cloud.

Access to lending

Lack of access to lending is a challenge for consumers and entrepreneurs worldwide. Access to lending is essential for various loan purposes. Consumers might be thinking of buying a new house or their dream car. Entrepreneurs on the other side need to have access to lending in order to start or expand a successful business.

Due to the enormous dynamics in the market, today's news is already outdated tomorrow. This also makes lenders face challenges. There might be no financial data, or no reliable financial data to assess creditworthiness of either a consumer or an entrepreneur. Another challenge might be to offer these parties adequate financing, suited to their needs, but also fitting their financial position and expected growth. In nowadays hectic times these challenges are not always addressed adequately.

We are here to change that.

Our mission

Making lending more accessible, transparent and efficient is our mission and objective. Enabling a sound basis for lending by connecting with your client - consumer or entrepreneur - to provide clarity about their situation, needs and future developments. Lenders will receive relevant loan applications and will be guided towards efficient operations and more satisfied clients. Fyndoo enables optimal access to finance where consumers and entrepreneurs end up with a loan that can be applied for in the way they desire, with or without an advisor, via a mobile app or any other channel.

Our solution

Fyndoo provides a solution to consumers, entrepreneurs and lenders. The Fyndoo platform consists of three modules: Fyndoo Orientation, Fyndoo Advise and Fyndoo Lending.

By using Fyndoo Orientation, an indication is provided about the chance of getting a credit application accepted. Consumers and entrepreneurs will have swift clarification and will be able to prioritize their plans, ideas and dreams.

Fyndoo Advise supports advisors in their objective to guide clients towards the most suitable financing solution. Fyndoo Advise supports both advisors working in local branch offices as well as independent advisors or accountants guiding clients throughout the loan application process.

Fyndoo Lending supports lenders in their activities. This all starts with offering relevant loan applications, followed by efficient processing whilst enabling lenders to digitize their products, decisioning and processes. In the end a successful match between the lender and client is made. As soon as the financing is realized, Fyndoo Lending is used to monitor the client and its contract. If a change is required, parties can easily change the already existing facilities.

Fyndoo in numbers


Fyndoo is used in 42 countries


More than 3000 users are working with Fyndoo


More than 200k companies have been serviced with Fyndoo

Our method

At Fyndoo we work agile and that ensures that we can continue to develop quickly and continue to improve our platform. But most of all, it means cooperation. And that is what we do with you as an entrepreneur, advisor and/or financier. Brainstorming together and then realizing plans. We want to think together and do together. Inspire each other to come up with ground breaking solutions. Because it can be different. Together with you! Solutions that help you further, now and in the future. Clear and predictable. This way we guarantee the quality of Fyndoo. That is the power of cooperation.

Fyndoo is a solution of software service provider Topicus. At Topicus, young talents are committed to improve and continue to develop Fyndoo. We are proud of that! Topicus has years of experience with financial services for both business loans and mortgages.

For more information, visit the website of Topicus Finance.