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Financing is often difficult. Complying with legislation, regulations and high customer expectations on the one hand, while on the other being held back by outdated IT as you try to compete with a growing number of alternative financiers.


That's why there’s Fyndoo. An end-to-end SaaS Lending platform that runs in the cloud. Our modular platform helps you as a financier with every step in the financing process. We’re continuously innovating with the aim of making lending easy.


History of Fyndoo

Fyndoo through out the years. Discover our history and mailstones.

The start of Finan

1982: The founder, Evert Jan Stokking, started collaboration with the Faculty of Economics of the RUG (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen) and IMK (Central Institute for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) that led to creation of softwaremodules for business credit analysis.

FINAN model

1989: HISAN and FinPro, both separated modules were combined to form FINAN (FINancial ANAlysis).

Three party collaboration

1991: 3 party collaboratien between the IMK, RUG en Evert Jan Stokking. At that moment, some banks started to become interested in the credit rating model.

Founding of Findesk BV

1993: Together with Pim van der Marel, part of Berk Accountants, Evert Jan Stokking created the company Findesk BV to sell the models to third parties such as SNS, ING and de Frieslandbank. The RUG got bought out.

Findesk bv becomes FINAN

1997: Findesk bv gets trade name FINAN as it was similar to the product name

First contact with Topicus

2001: Help was needed from a larger company to transfer the FINAN model to a web version. For this, help was sought from Topicus.

Topicus shareholder

2004: Topicus becomes co-shareholder of FINAN

FINAN becomes part of Topicus

2010: Topicus buys out Pim van de Marel and got a majority stake in FINAN. Topicus renamed it into Topicus FINAN B.V. based in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

The start of Fyndoo

2016: Topicus started a new separate fintech platform called Fyndoo. The focus at the time was on SME financing, which resulted in the first partnership with Credion. After, Finan BV changed in Fyndoo Advise to support Fyndoo.

Our clients

Day-in, day-out traditional banks, community banks, real estate banks, asset managers, funds, family offices, leasing companies, direct lenders and alternative financiers all experience the benefits of Fyndoo.

A Topicus product

Fyndoo is a product of Topicus, the IT company that really does want to be of value to society. And that wants to make an impact. With a thousand smart colleagues, we make the impossible possible. Our innovative platforms connect people, data and systems. Ensuring, for example, that customers can apply easily for the right financing, so they can grow. That children get the education to fit their talents and ambition. And that illnesses are detected at an early stage.

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