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Fyndoo Lifecycle services

As a lender, you have to deal with all kinds of changes in your external environment. Changes you have to respond to, such as new governmental or regulatory requirements, the new EU taxonomy, or CSRD. You may also be confronted with other external changes, such as data suppliers who deliver different data or data in varying formats.


Fyndoo supports the efficient implementation of such changes. Because Fyndoo is a platform that many financiers use, we regularly implement changes like this for many of our customers. And we bundle these services under the name Lifecycle Services.

What lifecycle services do we offer?

  • Changes due to amendments in legislation, or by regulators or other authorities (EU);
  • Changes due to new data exchange standards (Worldwide);
  • Changes due to developments in the standard supported FinTech ecosystem (Worldwide);
  • Changes due to modifications to specific integrations in the FinTech ecosystem.

Changes within the Fyndoo ecosystem itself (for example, to the interaction with Fyndoo Advise) are integrated in the platform and so don’t require any additional services.


The implementation of these services is done in close consultation with your team - changes can affect your existing processes and portfolio.


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