Originate loan applications successfully and efficiently using a loan origination system that covers the entire process from customer application to disbursement.

Reduce your costs and get more customers

Fyndoo Originate is a fully functional out-of-the-box with integrated document management, KYC, credit decisioning, risk modeling, pricing, real-time intelligence and fraud detection. You’re up-to-speed in no-time with pre-configured loan products, collaterals and workflows. Tailor it to your liking with a comprehensive set of no-code and low-code tools. Watch the full video about the Origination Module.

Our features

Get your new clients on board and save a ton of money. Clients experience a short TTY and TTC. Your experience? Drastically reduced costs and more customers.

Automatic evaluation

As a risk officer, you are responsible for the assessment of funding applications. Every incoming funding application will be automatically evaluated with the help of Fyndoo platform. It will be done according to the acceptance criteria defined by means of business rulers by the lender.

Contracting and digital signing

If all criteria are met, the contract is automatically created which the applicant is able to sign digitally. If it is clear that the application does not meet the acceptance criteria, a substantiated rejection is created.

In case of doubt

In case of doubt, you find a task added in his workload to assess the application manually. The orange labeled criteria shows the dubaity so you know exactly where to look. 


As a contractor, you will have full access to the application. You will be able to manage all other contractors, legal structure and credit base.

Customer Acceptance

As part of the customer acceptance, the identity of the applicants are verified against political exposure, registered credtis, payment behavior and fraud. 

Further financing solution

The annual figures assured by the accountant and delivered digitally via XBRL are available for further analysis. Here you are able to examine the management forecast and compare this with the best and worst case scenarios possible. 


Discover the many benefits our lending platform offers you with Fyndoo Originate.

Broad application

Covers collaterolised and uncollateralised loans for retail, micro and SME clients.

Easy to integrate

A comprehensive REST-API makes integration a breeze.


Guarantee that securities and notary transactions are fully in order before the pay out of the financing is triggered.


Structure securities, pledges and collateral values.


Financial and qualitative analysis based on, for example, annual figures, concentration risks and sustainability.

Risk and price

Determine risk and price using internal or external PD, LGD and MaxLoss models.

More features

Discover the many more benefits our lending platform offers you with Fyndoo Originate.

Compare scenarios

You are able to examinate the management forecast and compare this with best and worst case scenarios. 


The applicants credit risk is shown by a credit rating in the portal. This is determined by default based on the URA rating model. Alternatively, the lender is able to configure its internal rating based model as well. Or a third party rating can be retrieved. 

Risk and Price

The characteristics of the loan and the specified collateral can be viewed and adjusted. Thereafter the interest rate is automatically determined. The classification is driven by risk and return. The risk premium is based upon the rating, the required loan amount, and the available collateral value. 

Return and Margin

For the determiniation of the interest rate, a return on margin based approach can followed in the platform. The pricing model is easily configurable and compliant with existing laws and regulations.


The special provisions, covenants, and the documents that still need to be submitted, are automatically added by the system. This is based upon the information from the application. 

Underwriting and acceptance

As soon as you have finished your analysis, you can decide whether to accept or reject the application. After this decision is authorized by a colleague of you, the contract or rejection is created. You only need to assess an aplication in case of doubt.

Effective analysis of criteria

You are able to effectively analyze the application and base your decision on the analysis by looking at the acceptance criteria. 

Is your origination process broken?

Do you experience a higher than 50% abandonment rate? Is your Time-to-Yes longer than 5 days? Do your account managers spend more time on administration than on clients?

Check out our document Beat the benchmark. Take an honest look at your own processes and improve them. For inspiration, we provide 10 best practices.

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The choice is yours. Our platform is made up of modules that can be employed individually or in combination. Ensuring we can provide the optimal support for your specific needs and challenges.

Financial Spreading

Fyndoo Financial Spreading takes the sweat out of spreading financial reports. 

Pay & Collect

Pay & Collect takes care of the full financial settlement of any agreements laid down in the credit agreement.


Administrate ensures the structured documenting of the loan agreement, documents and collateral.


Manage deals with the management of any lending - for example the revision, changes to or monitoring of a loan.


Report provides insights into how efficient processes are, underpinned by the monitoring of the processing time for applications, and makes reporting to regulators easy.

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