Product Updates

We are constantly improving our product. Here you can find all of our latest updates.

#2 New UX for Fyndoo (Update 2)

Since our mission is to make lending effortless, we are launching, as a beta version, a new user experience (UX) design for our product financing solution engine. We've worked on a new design of the loan structuring for the banker and the end goal is to switch completely to a new, more intuitive, simpler and faster design that will benefit all users and make all actions be a part of one flow. 
Have a look at the improved functionalities!

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#1 New UX for Fyndoo (Update 1)

We are improving the user experience of Fyndoo. During our super sprint we came out with a lot of cool stuff, a part of which was a newly designed user experience (UX) of Fyndoo. We offer the opportunity for our clients to try it out and experiment with it. Our goal is to offer a more convenient and less error prone user experience.

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