Fyndoo Architecture Principles

Fyndoo is an end-to-end Cloud Lending Software – built on a modern architecture that’s based on a number of important principles mentioned below.

Open and agnostic

Fyndoo has an Open Lending API. This means all software features are also available outside Fyndoo. So the software capabilities can be used for all kinds of applications. Whether that’s a mobile app on iOS or Android, a web app or a Python application.

Built from components

Fyndoo is made up of a large number of small components. This allows us to innovate quickly and so add value for financiers. Giving you the highest levels of scalability and availability.

Interfaces based on domain model

The domain model in Fyndoo is specifically designed for lending. It is continuously being developed and has proven extremely stable. It forms the basis of the interfaces of the various components and Open Lending API. Having a foundation like this that you can trust frees you up to focus on how you can stand out from the competition.

Multi-tenant, -language, -currency, -time zone, -channel, -label

At Fyndoo, we realise that our clients operate worldwide – across many different value chains and in many different ways. And we take this into account in our architecture at the most fundamental level.

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