From business case to successful onboarding of the first clients. Whatever you need, our professional services team and partners make it happen.

Results first and foremost

We make sure you get the most out of Fyndoo, by sharing our knowledge and years of experience in the field of proposition development, process design and integrations. Our experts help you make your business case a triumph. And that means a 100% focus on success.


Fyndoo provides three types of services:

●      Implementation Services

●      Lifecycle Services

●      Specialty Services


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Implementation services: live in 100 Days

  • Exploration - We define the business case, set up an interactive demo and give the product owners basic training.
  • Inception – Over the course of a few workshops, we determine the business requirements, necessary integrations and technical architecture.
  • Planning - Based on the business case and requirements, we identify the roll-out strategy together and make a detailed plan for the first phase.
  • Construction - We set up the environments and infrastructure. We staff the teams and establish the processes. We then deliver the functionalities during development sprints, train the end-users and product owners, and prepare for implementation.
  • Go Live – This is followed by the transition to the production environment and the organisation’s changeover to the new system.


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Lifecycle services: run your business worry-free

As a lender, you have to deal with all kinds of changes in your external environment. Changes you have to respond to, such as new governmental or regulatory requirements, the new EU taxonomy, or CSRD. You may also be confronted with other external changes, such as data suppliers who deliver different data or data in varying formats.


Fyndoo supports the efficient implementation of such changes. Because Fyndoo is a platform that many financiers use, we regularly implement changes like this for many of our customers. And we bundle these services under the name Lifecycle Services.


Fyndoo offers the following lifecycle services:

  • Changes due to amendments in legislation, or by regulators or other authorities (EU);
  • Changes due to new data exchange standards (Worldwide);
  • Changes due to developments in the standard supported FinTech ecosystem (Worldwide);
  • Changes due to modifications to specific integrations in the FinTech ecosystem.


Changes within the Fyndoo ecosystem itself (for example, to the interaction with Fyndoo Advise) are integrated in the platform and so don’t require any additional services.


The implementation of these services is done in close consultation with your team - changes can affect your existing processes and portfolio.


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Specialty services

Fyndoo has the specialists in-house to deliver a number of specialised services that can make your Fyndoo layout even better, such as:
  • calibration of risk models
  • data lineage
  • implementation of regulatory guidelines 


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