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Fyndoo implementation guide

A successful lending business in 100 days.

Not only Fyndoo offers the implementation service, we have also an implementation guide, were you can see how we will build together your dream proposition in 100 days. Together with your professionals, the aim is to build a flagship lending solutions and you become self-sufficient in the further roll-out.

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The stages of the implementation

The Fyndoo approach takes the Unified Process (UP) phases as a guide: introduction, intake, inception, construction, transition and organisation.

  • Exploration - We define the business case, set up an interactive demo and give the product owners basic training.
  • Inception – Over the course of a few workshops, we determine the business requirements, necessary integrations and technical architecture.
  • Planning - Based on the business case and requirements, we identify the roll-out strategy together and make a detailed plan for the first phase.
  • Construction - We set up the environments and infrastructure. We staff the teams and establish the processes. We then deliver the functionalities during development sprints, train the end-users and product owners, and prepare for implementation.
  • Go Live – This is followed by the transition to the production environment and the organisation’s changeover to the new system.


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