Fyndoo Connect

Unlock all kinds of digital source data and make this data available to your systems!

Make any data available to you in no time

How cool would it be if you could connect to your customers' financial reports, sector information, ESG reports, etc? If you could connect to data that is secure, signed and validated? If you could integrate the data effortlessly with your systems?


Meet Fyndoo Connect! It was build especially for you and your bank processes.

Our features

Digital Signature Validation

Financial institutions have to deal with increasing regulatory demand concerning data quality and data lineage. To help with this task, we adopt industry standards for signing data files so that it is traceable who submitted the data, including their assurance that the data is correct. In Fyndoo Connect the signatures are validated to make sure they are not tampered with.


At Fyndoo, we believe in rigorous digitization. In Fyndoo Connect there is no need for human interaction, and we aim to make it easy to take this further in receiving applications. Nevertheless, there may be cases in which a look into the delivered data is necessary. For these cases, we provide human readable renderings for supported formats.

Data Transformation

Data comes in many forms, both in syntax and in semantics. Fyndoo Connect helps to consume this data by converting it for you to a standardised format. Concerning data formats, XBRL has our special attention, given its possibilities for clear definitions, and strict content validations.


Discover the many benefits our lending platform offers you with Fyndoo Connect.

Single point of data

You only need to implement Fyndoo Connect to access wide range of data sources!

Smart Mapping

Includes smart rule-engine enabling formalisation of risk policies in data logistic chain.

High Quality Data

Availability of high-quality data through validations, signatures, etc.

Easy Integration

Integrates with Banking infrastructures, e.g. for client matching, consuming systems, etc.

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The choice is yours. Our platform is made up of modules that can be employed individually or in combination. Ensuring we can provide the optimal support for your specific needs and challenges.


Originate supports you in assessing and underwriting financing applications.

Financial Spreading

Pay & Collect

Pay & Collect takes care of the full financial settlement of any agreements laid down in the credit agreement.


Administrate ensures the structured documenting of the loan agreement, documents and collateral.


Manage deals with the management of any lending - for example the revision, changes to or monitoring of a loan.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics provides insights into how efficient processes are, underpinned by the monitoring of the processing time for applications, and makes reporting to regulators easy.