Become a partner

Become a partner

Let’s bridge the lending gap by making lending effortless. Deliver breakthrough results based on the powerful combination of your services with Fyndoo.

How we work together


We enable you to deliver

Your business consultants receive training to fully understand the no-code and low-code environment that Fyndoo offers. During the training, we’ll make sure to discuss the best practices of configuring and tailoring Fyndoo to typical usage scenarios. We enable your architects and developers with a number of topical deep dives - focussed on topics like integration, security and performance. 

You get all the support you need to deliver on your promise. We’re in it together. 


Flexible commercial engagement

We commit to joint business development and marketing activities. We appreciate the trusted relationship you have with your customers. As such, we will not be paying an influencer fee or other commercial incentive. We are very flexible in how we engage - independently, as a subcontractor or taking the lead. 


Let’s shape lending together

The lending gap is huge. We believe that with Fyndoo, we can make lending effortless: accelerate the digital transformation of lending, create fantastic customer experiences and make lending a very profitable business across the board.


How to implement Fyndoo

Implementing a new lending platform can be quite complex. Wondering what an implementation process with Fyndoo and your client might look like?

Discover the Fyndoo Implementation Guide.

Fyndoo Implementation Guide


Interested to get the conversation going? We would like to hear more from you, what kind of services you provide to your customers. We like to share what we do and give a demo of the software. And, of course, see if there's potential for a partnership!