Implementation Guide

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At Fyndoo, we care about your success. Wondering how Fyndoo can help you build a successful lending business in 100 days? Discover the Fyndoo Implementation Guide and envisage a successful implementation: from a first intake to go-live. Everything is aimed at the benefit of your bank and your objectives in the lending domain.

Successful lending

Implementing a new lending platform can be quite complex. The Fyndoo approach takes the Unified Process (UP) phases as a guide: introduction, intake, inception, construction, transition and organisation. Together with your professionals, the aim is to build a flagship lending solutions and to help you become self-sufficient in the further roll-out.


The Fyndoo Implementation Guide is a crucial first step. However, it doesn’t end there. The next steps are about optimalisation and extension. Fyndoo offers great flexibility to create a highly successful lending business! The scope of this document is limited to this first go-live. If you want to know more about our implementation, please take a look at the implementation services Fyndoo offers.