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FyndooTalks is a selection of demo-like videos about the power of our lending platform. Get the insides and find out what possibilities for growth can get your financial institution to success! 

About the FyndooTalks

FyndooTalks has been created to give you insights on Fyndoo Lending Platform from different perspectives. We touch upon different topics relevant to how our software can change the game in the banking industry! Curious what our lending platform can do for you? Watch the videos to find your answers.

Data Residency at Fyndoo

In the episode "8 Questions about Data Residency at Fyndoo" Arjan van Balken, Software Engineer at Fyndoo, and Thijs Munsterman, Information Security Officer at Topicus, discuss the matters of the residency of data at Fyndoo by answering the questions most asked by our clients.

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