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We want to help make banks better at lending, at being effortless lenders. With this report you can compare your own origination performance with the benchmark. You'll also receive opportunities to improve. Being better at effortless lending opens up new opportunities for lending!

An honest look

This report - Beat the benchmark - contains the origination process performance on 4 indicators across 8 peer groups. We analysed over 420.000 origination processes to provide this data. We invite you to take an honest look at your own processes and improve them. For inspiration, we provide 10 best practice.


Effortless lending


Lending is a driving force of change. It drives the economy forward, it enables the sustainable transition, it empowers people. Lending is, however, difficult to get right. Assessing risk, regulatory authorities, complex processes, and legacy systems make it hard to make your lending business profitable. And, at the same time, it’s making loans unobtainable for large groups of people and businesses. Try getting a EUR 15K loan as a starting business!


That is why we believe that making lending effortless is so important. Continuous process optimisation and rigorous digitalisations are essential in getting there. We trust this report is of assistance in your journey towards effortless lending.


Interested to get the conversation going? We would like to hear from you! What are you doing to optimise origination processes? How do you balance risk with costs? What specific requirements do you have? Do you have a best practice you like to share?


Of course, we can also give you a quick tour of our origination solution and show you the no-code environment for business users.