De Volksbank digitises entire application process

Digitising the entire application process makes it easier for SMEs to find, and then actually obtain, appropriate financing.

Small and medium-sized businesses face high rejection rates and interest rates

SMEs are essential for the growth of our economy. Yet it is precisely these companies who have had the most difficulty obtaining suitable financing in recent years. The main reason for this is that financing small businesses isn’t profitable for traditional banks. The result is high rejection rates and even higher interest rates for the ones that do find financing.


The request from de Volksbank


Help us digitise the entire business financing application process/ customer journey for SNS and RegioBank, so we can better serve (small) businesses in their search for a financing solution.


Important objectives here were shortening the lead time and increasing customer satisfaction.


Live within six months


Within six months, de Volksbank was live with Fyndoo Lending. This involved digitising the entire application customer journey, from initial application to processing. The result was a considerable acceleration of the whole process. Clients can now provide all the required documentation easily and quickly via the online application portal. And can do so either by contacting their trusted RegioBank branch or SNS Store, or by submitting an application entirely digitally via


It's still possible to have a person assess a financing application if the situation requires it. But applications that fall within the policy frameworks are processed fully automatically within the bank. This means an increase in customer convenience and a huge efficiency gain compared to the way applications are still traditionally processed after submission.


Dennis Karacan

Product owner corporate finance at de Volksbank:

“Our mission is Banking with a human touch. For our business financing, that means simple and transparent products with personal support. In Topicus, we’ve found a partner who can incorporate these principles into our application process. This digital solution increases our effectiveness, so we can offer businesses and self-employed professionals suitable financing more quickly, including financing for business premises. It means we can actively respond to the needs of businesspeople, so that henceforward they’ll have the liquid assets they need quicker and can focus on what they’re good at: doing business.”

The impact

This digitisation process makes it easier for SMEs to find and then obtain suitable financing. Following receipt of all the documentation, businesspeople and self-employed professionals will have their financing available within a maximum of five working days. De Volksbank is thereby enabling growth within the SME market.




  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Shorter lead time.
  • Instant quote, including for financing commercial properties.
  • Businesses have faster access to their financing.

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De Volksbank is the parent company of SNS, ASN Bank, RegioBank and BLG Wonen. Their focus is on consumers, businesspeople and SMEs. With over 3.2 million clients, it is the fourth largest bank in the Netherlands.


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